Case Study


The HudsonBec Group

Nov 2021

Case Study

The HudsonBec Group

Nov 2021

Case Study

The HudsonBec Group

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Nov 2021
The HudsonBec

Accentuating the power of creativity

The HudsonBec Group is a group of companies directed towards the shared goal of enabling creativity. The aim of this project was to redesign their website to better demonstrate HBG’s diversity, its culture and approach to creativity, collaborators and clients.

The previous website featured a simple yet interesting typographic design. We wanted to retain some of this creative direction while giving their audience a better idea of the HudsonBec Group’s work and what they stand for.

From the initial brief to launching the site, we worked in close partnership with the HudsonBec Group, which gave us the opportunity to push boundaries with the design and technology.

We started by identifying the key objectives that the HudsonBec Group wanted to achieve and the areas in which the previous site was lacking. We used this as the foundation for our design decisions.

We believe in the power of collaboration, both within our team and with clients. Rather than leave different departments to work in isolation, our initial research sessions brought together our design, development, strategy and communication minds.

These cross-functional meetings were as exciting as they were productive, yielding ideas on how to best demonstrate the HudsonBec Group values. From there we worked closely with the HudsonBec Group, using regular check-ins to shape the design and communication of the site in a way that speaks to the essence of the HudsonBec Group brand while presenting information in a dynamic way.

Find Out More
(Be Curious)

We are inherently interested to learn about new things. So, if we don’t know the answer to a question, or are unsure of why a client has chosen a certain strategy, we ask. If we are interested in something, we look for ways to discover more about it. This knowledge gives us the confidence to do our jobs brilliantly.

Embrace The New
(Be Brave)

We are excited about what’s next, even if it's a little unknown. From a new technology in a project through to the opportunity to take on responsibility slightly outside of our comfort zone. We know bravery and embracing change will lead to brilliant things.

Make it happen
(be proactive)

We are committed and excited about our work. Rather than wait for the answers, or for permission to do something, we take the initiative and learn through doing.

Including the development team from the start let them prototype and experiment with our design ideas early on. This approach of design and development happening in parallel allowed us to produce live and workable mock-ups to test our ideas and share them with the client.

Result & Impact

The resulting website built upon the successful elements of the previous site and refined them. The outcome is a bold and engaging design that incorporates splashes of colour, a striking typographic mix, and interactive images.

We focused on:

Left Arrow
Right Arrow
We also incorporated subtle and playful ways for the user to interact with elements on the page, playing with the distinction between print and digital with movable cards, scroll animations and changing cursors.

An important new area on the site is the impact section, which the HudsonBec Group wanted to stand out. To show impact, we displayed the key stats – such as people reached, creatives championed and opportunities created. We took a fresh approach to the navigation, allowing the viewer to dynamically explore each of these central pillars and their objectives for the future.

Wide-ranging collaboration characterised this project to reimagine the earlier website. Through closely working with the HudsonBec Group, and with the design and development work happening in parallel, we were able to align on communication and design direction. This allowed us to create a smooth, playful and engaging experience for the user that better demonstrates the work of the HudsonBec Group and the companies within it.

“A really enjoyable project from start to finish that was collaborative and transparent throughout. Working in an iterative, live approach allowed us to start seeing the site come together from day one and helped in the discussion and solution of problems as they came up along the way.”

Will Hudson
Co-founder and Director of

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